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I’m a married mother of three little girls, and born and raised in NYC. Last year, we decided NYC was no longer the right place for our family, so we headed for the hills (or the suburbs) to Westchester County. But I included all my research on the Westchester towns we visited (plus Nyack and Cold Spring) into this blog, and I continue to post my findings about what it’s logistically like to leave NYC for the ‘burbs.

~ Caroline


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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing your hunt online. We are a family of 5 crampt into a 2 bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, also dreaming of space. We also love the river towns and I was hoping you could recommend your real estate agent. Our parameters are very similar to yours and I haven’t clicked with any of the agents we’ve met.

    Thanks again for the site!

    • Hi Elizabeth, thanks for reading! We worked with Bill Ford-Sussman of Coldwell Banker in Dobbs Ferry. (914) 693-5476‎. Let me know if you have other questions… hope to see you up there!

  2. Hi there – I’ve just started reading your blog and have many of the same priorities you had. Just curious – any reason, in particular, you didn’t look at Chappaqua or Mt. Kisco?

    • Hi Angela!
      The only reason I didn’t research those two places was because before I had gone to them, I had realized how important it was to me to live as close as possible to the city, and they were just a little too far. I have a friend, however, who just moved to Chappaqua and her husband commutes every day, so it’s certainly not too far for many people.

  3. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing! I’m also a native Manhattanite who recently moved to an apartment rental in Ossining with my husband and daughter. We want to buy but I was too afraid to make the jump without a)making sure I could handle the burbs (jury still out – two months in and I’m still terrified to drive) and b) really investigating each town before deciding where to settle. Your blog has been really helpful!

  4. Hello Caroline,
    I’m relocating to NY from Cali because my daughter just got into college there. After having my heart set on Cold Spring (based on thorough research, photos & distance to NYC), someone suggested Westchester County and a google search led me to your blog. What a wonderful writer you are and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your blog! I still love Cold Spring, and just like you said… a jaded waiter and ice-cream store owner aren’t enough to scare me off… however you did say something about wishing it were a smidge bigger. 🙂 I get the feeling I may yearn for something just a tad larger once I’m there. Do you have a suggestion for someone whose looking for the beauty, charm and character a town like Cold Spring offers but maybe just a tad larger? I get the feeling I like to think of myself as a small-town girl, when in reality I’d probably be a little happier in a town with just a few more amenities, yet not having to sacrifice the beauty, character and charm of a small town. Distance is not a factor for me… just looking for something within a 2 hour train ride so my daughter can come visit me when she needs a break from Manhattan 🙂 Do you have any suggestions for someone like me Caroline?

    • Hi Melissa,
      Thanks for reading! How about Pleasantville? 35-40min drive from Manhattan, and big enough that it has a little art house movie theater. Or Croton? Though I don’t remember how big Croton is compared to Cold Spring.


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