Bedford, NY

Bedford, NY

Bedford, NY

Population: 1,834
Median home value: $891,940
Median household income: $181,985
Median resident age:  44 years
% of the population with white collar jobs: 91%
% of the adult population who are college graduates: 61%
Racial Makeup / Most prominent races: 95% White, 5% Hispanic or Latino (of any race), 2% Asian, 3% Mixed Race
Residents would hang out with: Upper Eastsiders and other Hamptons vacationers

Bedford, NY

Bedford is a town in the center of Westchester County
Metro-North train from Bedford Hills to Grand Central Station: 11 minute drive to Bedford Hills and then a 56-71 minute train ride, depending on time of day
By car to Grand Central Station: 44 miles, or 58 minutes


Looking to buy a house in Bedford? A 3 bed / 2 bath isn’t too hard to find in the $600K-$800K range.

With taxes, interest, and homeowner’s insurance, and 20% down, it’ll cost between $3,200 and $4,100 per month.

(Note: property taxes here do not include the local taxes, which could bring these numbers up $1K more per month. Oh yes. That’s $1,000 more. Per. Month. For exact numbers, ask your realtor.)


Looking for schools? Here’s what has to say:




Bedford Village Elementary



Fox Lane Middle School



Fox Lane High School



You might see above that I’ve added a new “fact” in this post. I’ve included the usual “population”, “median house value”, etc., but I’ve been hoping to give a more personalized, subjective observation of these towns, so I added the “hang out” factor. That is to say, who would these people hang out with of other demographics we might know. I want to reiterate, over and over, that my assessment of these towns is based on a brief visit. I’m usually not friends with people in these towns, nor do I sit down for a long meal with any of them. However, if you’re going to judge a book by its cover (which is most of all you can do when investigating a town to live in) then I’m going to just tell you what I see in the people. This is not simply based on age, or race, or apparent wealth- it’s also based on the types of shops available and the activities people are engaging in.

Bedford, NY

All that being said, I listed Bedford’s “hang out” factor as that of one similar to the Upper East Side and Hamptons vactioners. As I mentioned, I based this on a few different things I saw.

Point #1: Bedford Gourmet: a lovely little, seemingly independently-owned coffee/pastries/gourmet/teeny grocer. Everything was gourmet/artisan/handmade. The only name brand I recognized was Carrs Water Crackers. $5 a box. So I looked at more prices… a box of wheat crackers? Not gluten-free, not fancy pantsy wheat grown in the Himalayas… $8 a box. I don’t mean to be a penny-pincher here- that’s not my point. Point is, Bedford is the kind of place where they sell brands you’ve never heard of for $8 a box. (side note: as long as I have an extra $8 to spend on crackers, I love a little place like this.)


Point #2: the sweater around the shoulders. As much as I wanted to, I couldn’t take a picture of the woman I saw in Bedford without her knowing. Instead, I have used an image of Charlotte York Goldenblatt from the 1980s flashback in the sequel to the Sex and the City movie. Though a little less cute, and a decade or two older, this is pretty much what the woman I saw looked like. I should mention, however, that not five minutes before I saw this woman, I also saw a woman who looked like she was right out of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but with less money. So what do I know.

Bedford, NY

Point #3: The Horse Connection. In the tiny village of Bedford, which you have to keep your eyes un-blinked in order to see as you drive through it, there is a store just for horse-lovers. They sell everything from riding supplies, to horse clothing, to horse gifts for your loved ones. I don’t know much about horses, so I’m not going to say much more about this, except for one thing: poor people don’t ride horses… and if they do, they don’t buy matching powder-blue cozies for their riding gear.

Bedford, NY

1980’s sweater fashion aside, Bedford is a really attractive place. It’s very small- I’d say about a quarter of the size of Larchmont– and with an old world charm I haven’t seen in any of the other towns yet. A lot of the architecture in town is over 200 years old. There are a number of old colonial houses in the area, and the Court House, now a museum, was built in 1787. And the Bedford Historical Society has a noticeable presence in town.

Bedford, NY

There is a beautiful field, the Bedford Green, in the center of town that has a sign posted in it, which reads “Part of a common laid out in March 1681 for grazing cattle, horses, and swine.” This town is, for realz, old school.

You might be surprised that the housing prices I listed are so low, considering what type of town this is. I mean, there were Audis, BMWs, and Lexuses everywhere (even saw a hot little Porsche drive by.) So you should know that I also found a number of houses with 3 bedrooms that are worth $1.2M-$2M.

My husband is interested in us getting a real “small town feel” in the town we find. We nixed New Rochelle as soon as we saw the hustle and bustle of the main street with busses and pedestrians everywhere, that vaguely resembled a slightly nicer version of 125th street in Manhattan. Larchmont, which I loved, was too big for my husband. Wow, I thought. It’s a small town! But Bedford? My husband thought it was too small. Food for thought.

May I introduce to you… Bedford!


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