Ardsley, NY


Ardsley, NY

Population: 4,484 
Median home value: $617,531
Median family income: $116,239
Median resident age: 45 years
% of the population with white collar jobs: 92%
% of the adult population who are college graduates: 70% (highest I’ve seen so far!)
Racial Makeup / Most prominent races: 85% White, 4% Hispanic or Latino (of any race), 13% Asian, 1% Black
Residents would hang out with NYC folk from: Upper East Side and Staten Island

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 9.47.43 PM

Ardsley is a village in the town of Greenburgh near the Hudson River side of Westchester County
Metro-North train from Larchmont to Grand Central Station: 37 to 54 minutes, depending on time of day
By car to Grand Central Station: 22 miles, or 35 minutes


Looking to buy a house in Ardsley? A 3 bed / 2 bath isn’t too hard to find in the $550K to $750K range.

With taxes, interest, and homeowner’s insurance, and 20% down, it’ll cost between $2,900 and $3,900 per month.

(Note: property taxes here do not include the local taxes, which could bring these numbers up $1K more per month. Oh yes. That’s $1,000 more. Per. Month. For exact numbers, ask your realtor.)


Looking for schools? Here’s what has to say:




Concord Road Elementary



Ardsley Middle School



Ardsley High School



When I told my mother we went to visit Ardsley, she said concerned, “Oh, that’s very expensive.” To which I thought, “Seriously?”


Maybe I missed the expensive part, but there didn’t seem to be much warranting expensiveness to me. The downtown area was very small, consisting of a few shops I did not need to go to and the highway cut right through it. There was a pizza place where three guys hung out outside like a scene from The Sopranos. Across the street, a kid with his pants falling off was heading to the food mart. And there was a Carvel. Again. (please note: I love Carvel. I just don’t need it in my downtown area.)

The residential streets were somewhat hilly, and very quiet. Some of the architecture was bizarre. Not bizarre in a bad way, necessarily. Just bizarre.

Does it seem like I didn’t like Ardsley? Yeh, I didn’t.

You’re going to think I’m backpedaling when I say that Ardsley isn’t bad. In fact, I say “Go ahead! Move there!” The schools are good, they have a festival called Ardsley Day, they have a great youth program run by Parks & Rec, they have a Carvel, and my mother says “It’s expensive,” which usually means “really nice.” But I’ve looked at a bunch of towns already, including Irvington, Dobbs Ferry, Hastings-on-Hudson, Larchmont, New Rochelle, Eastchester, and Tuckahoe, and Ardsley is the last on my list (except for Eastchester… oh and Yonkers- sorry, Yonkers.)


But I have to give a shout-out to my husband, who loves (loves) model trains. Ardsley has a model train shop. We may have to move there after all.

May I introduce to you… Ardsley!


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