Pelham, NY

Pelham, NYC, Manhattan, Village, Downtown, 5th Avenue, Wolfs Lane, Suburb, Shops

Pelham, NY

Population: 6,960
Median home value: $604,070
Median rental price: $1,230
Median household income: $117,763
% of the adult population who are high school graduates: 95.4%
% of the adult population who are college graduates: 60.98%
% of people living below the poverty level: 1.71%
Racial Makeup / Most prominent races: 77% White, 12% Hispanic or Latino (of any race), 6% Asian, 10% Black
Residents would hang out with NYC folk from: Upper West Side and Bay Ridge

Pelham, NY, Westchester County, Town, Suburb, NYC

Pelham is a town, as well as a village inside the town. Pelham Manor is the other, somewhat more costly village, in the town of Pelham.
Metro-North train from Pelham to Grand Central Station: 28 minutes
By car to Grand Central Station: 17 miles, or 27 minutes


Looking to buy a house in Pelham? A 3 bed / 2 bath isn’t too hard to find in the $400K-$700K range.

With taxes, interest, and homeowner’s insurance, and 20% down, it’ll cost between $2,158 and $3,580 per month.

(Note: property taxes here do not include the local taxes, which could bring these numbers up $1K more per month. Oh yes. That’s $1,000 more. Per. Month. For exact numbers, ask your realtor.)


Looking for schools? Here’s what has to say:




Colonial School (K-5)



Pelham Middle School



Pelham Memorial High School



When I was in high school on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, every one of my classmates lived in NYC. Every one, but Nick. Nick lived in Pelham and commuted every day to school. As far as I knew, he must’ve commuted by ship or airplane, as the little geographical bubble I lived in meant that anywhere else was just too far away to comprehend. Now in my 30’s, and with a drivers license, I have a slightly better grasp of distance. And it turns out, Pelham is not so far away. Precisely 15.1 miles, or 32 minutes from Grand Central Station.

While Hastings-on-Hudson is on the Hudson River side of Westchester County, Pelham sits on the eastern side, by the Long Island Sound. Drive there by way of the Cross-Bronx Expressway (not recommended by the locals), or by the Hutchinson/Cross-County Parkways.

It has a fairly handsome downtown area, which exists mainly on 5th Avenue. The attractiveness starts off slow, as you can see by the photos below, and turns into a charming village. I bought a soda at the delicatessen, where the guy behind the counter was sweet with my little girl and where the other patrons were equally friendly. One difference I noticed between Pelham’s downtown vs. Hastings-on-Hudson was that there were a few corporate store fronts (like Verizon) in Pelham, when there weren’t any (except for banks) in HoH.

I spoke with a friend who grew up in Pelham. He lived in Manhattan for a couple of decades, and as soon as he and his wife started trying to get their three kids into the public school system in NYC, they decided it was time to go. They returned to Pelham, where they’ve now lived for 10 years. We spent a little time with them and their friends. Most of their friends live just down the street. They all have kids, they’re all really friendly, and seemingly very genuine people. Some of the women are stay-at-home mothers, and some work. A lot of the husbands work in media, while some work for the city. They appeared to be a mix of Ivy League and born-and-raised blue collar families. I feel like it’s rare to see the two groups mixed, and it made me happy to be in the group. In a discussion with my friend about  property taxes in Pelham, he said that a number of people move out of Pelham the second their kids graduate high school. This is because they only lived there in the first place because of the great schools, and now that their kid is out of school, they want to get the hell away from those property taxes. To give you a general idea, a $600K house in Pelham will run you $700/month in taxes. That’s right- a new refrigerator every month.

Almost all of the houses I saw were lovely, and I mean in a “subtly elegant kind of Middle-to-Upper-Middle-Class kind of non-flashy, but very classy” sort of lovely. Most of the houses seemed to be either tudor or craftsman; some with spanish shingles, and some more colonial in style. I really didn’t see too many of those ugly 1950’s style houses I mentioned in the HoH post.

As I drove down a tree lined street, seeing one attractive house after another, a bunny scampered across the road in front of me. Do you need a better reason to move to a town?? (yes, probably, but cute all the same.)

May I introduce to you… Pelham!

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